The Titanium Universe

An ancient, forbidden secret has fallen into the hands of darkness.

The year was 3007. It started out as a peaceful time for the Galaxy. That is, until the super-evil bad-guy overlord, Rogulus, and his Fooper Troopers launched new threats upon the Intergalactic Alliance and all the happy people.
Rogulus, intent on Galactic domination, charged his army across the stars, leaving a path of destruction, puppies, and fast food cartons (it's hard to keep an evil army cuddled and fed, what with all the pillaging and the evil-doing).

In the end, it was up to the young, courageous Space Mountie, Zap, and his band of heroes to lead an elite team of super-nice and really brave intergalactic peace troopers to an amazing victory against the super-evil overlord. Rogulus was banished to the far recesses of the Galaxy, and the Great Fooper War of 3007 ended in victory for all peace-loving aliens.

Now, eight years since the defeat of Rogulus, it's the year 3015. What remains of his Fooper Troopers has been scattered throughout the Galaxy. However, there are rumours that the overlord is stirring again, ready to strike out with a new plan for Galactic domination.

As the members of Zap's elite team race against time to uncover the big, bad Master Plan, a pair of unlikely heroes emerges from a remote star system, on the dry and dusty planet of Folossa...